You Are Invited!

You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by HRITEK PRO. HRITEK is a digital supply chain network that uses technology to apply new business models in the health and beauty sector.


We believe the existing beauty industry model is outdated and unbalanced. In the past brands and distributors owned all of the equity while stylists and technicians received commissions and discounts.  

Today we know that the stylists are the part of the distribution cycle closest to the customer and ultimately responsible for delivering brand value. Professional stylists and beauty influencers are the "last mile" of the supply chain. We believe they deserve a share of the ownership of the entire network from manufacturing to distribution to retail.

How It Works?

We built the supply chain. We are seeking partnerships with the right stylists and influencers to help us build a network.  

We develop the platform, operate the supply chain, manage the digital marketing and fulfillment. You do what you have always done - consult your clients and make sales. Except this time you are selling products in which you actually have ownership through a distribution network in which you also own. The better the network does the more valuable your ownership.

We believe our new business model, our technology and a network of forward thinking stylist entrepreneurs will deliver the best value to clients.  

The Next Step

We are seeking 10 stylists with whom to launch this network nationally. Selected stylists will be awarded exclusive wholesale distribution rights in their region.

We are offering complimentary samples of KNVS, our new blonde hair extension product manufactured with an advanced depigmentation technique. We believe KNVS is the lightest and strongest blonde hair extensions in the world, We invite you to test KNVS and give us your feedback.

We ask you to participate in a brief survey about your experience in the industry, about the products you prefer, pain points and your professional perspective. It is interactive, fun and will only take a few minutes.